Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The weather

As I may have mentioned previously, it is currently the rainy season here in Cuernavaca. Today my afternoon run with some of the kid from NPH was even more enjoyable than usual because of the fresh, crisp air and only a few sprinkles. The weather made me feel at home. Not only was the weather perfect for my run, I had a lovely companion as well. One of the first year high school girls who I recently became closer with when she gifted me a stuffed poodle even though I strongly protested. Since the gift giving situation a few nights ago, we have spent more time together than we had in the past. We get along well, and she seems interested in things I have to say. Or rather the things that I try to say. She is also very patient when I practice Spanish. I have decided that my new friend is a kindred spirit. One of those people that you immediately feel comfortable with. It's funny how the smallest things can turn your day around. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If you look up the word "tochas" in a Spanish English dictionary, you won't actually find anything. However, this word is very commonly used by the pequenos here at NPH. This word translates to "joking". I hear kids yell "TOCHAS!!!" as they play a trick on their friend. I hear this word multiple times a day and it always makes me smile.

I realize that perhaps I haven't made it totally clear what a normal day might look like for me here in Mexico. Each day is a bit different but I will give you all a quick outline of what I experienced today.

8:30- Head down to the office
9:00- Drive to Miacatlan. (I don't drive, I get a ride)
10:00ish- Arrive at Miacatlan and begin taking photographs of various products with children.
(Keep in mind that Miaca is very hot and always sunny so walking around taking pictures is a little tiring after a while)
2:00- Get on the bus back to Cuernavaca
3:00ish- Arrive in Cuernavaca for lunch
4:00- Open up the library for the kids to study. (During library time we help kids with their homework and also work on alphabetizing the books)
6:45- Life Teen. A weekly youth group.
8:00-Serve dinner and spend time with the kids
9:00- Kids go into the dorms and we spend time with them until we go up to bed.
10:00- Home for the evening.

This is what most Wednesdays will look like for me.
Other days will be different depending on if I'm in the office or the high school as well as the various afternoon activities.

Tonight we held Life Teen up on the roof and it was a beautiful event.

Buenos Noches!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Teenage girls and night time storms

The bell rings after dinner at 9 tonight and everyone heads to their dorm rooms. Almost as soon as we walk into the dorm a storm hits and the power goes out. Tons of teenage girls are screaming in the dark while attempting to rescue their drying clothes from the rain. Whitney and I continued to help the girls with their homework by both candle and cell phone light. I love my evenings with the kids.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Something old and something new

Sometimes a place can remind you so much of places you have been before and at the same time feel so foreign. Sunday was more relaxing than our big adventure on Saturday. We went down town to relax, get some coffee and get a bit of shopping done. An outdoor market selling books reminded me of Italy. Afterward coffee at a cafe across the street from the cathedral made me think of France. The sights and the smells make me nostalgic yet eager to see and experience more. 

The cafe where we sat.

Wesleigh, my beautiful Bellingham friend.

Pomegranates for sale.



Hibiscus ice tea.

Dessert coffee. 

Bubbles in our drinks. 

Seattle friends.

Bailey is the sweetest, she got this bottle for me to use for a vase on my work desk! 
She is the best. 

A lovely summer day filled with sweets and treats.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More from the streets of Tepoztlan

 Colors of the streets. 

Homemade bath oils.

More colors.


Strawberry. Banana. And. Apple. 
Ice cream. 

Art on the buildings. 

Allie was trying out my camera. 

Wesleigh's new dress.

Best dressed couple thus far. 

More colors.


Even more colors.

Cactus and graffiti. 


A day trip to a vey quaint little town and a hike up to the ruins of a historic city called Tepozteco.
Spending some time out in the sun with some lovely ladies was exactly what I wanted on my descanso weekend.