Tuesday, July 20, 2010

photo shoots are for girls!!!

A few days ago my dear friend Valerie informed me that she would be entering some photos to a clothing company called Torrid for a modeling contest. Torrid, for those of you who don't know, is a retail chain that sells clothing in sizes 12 and up. So basically a store that sells clothing for women and girls who don't fit into our molds of what fashion should and shouldn't be.

When I asked Val what pictures she would be using she said that she wasn't sure yet. And as many know, I love a good photo shoot, so I volunteered to take a few.

So this is a bit of what happened when Val and I romped around Anchorage.

Monday, July 12, 2010

summer time kicks

Today was the first sunny day in about a week. I went on a morning run and could feel the sun all over my body. My new favorite podcast, TBTL (Too Beautiful To Live), on my ipod and so much energy in my feet. It was a perfect morning run. What made it even better is the fact that there were so many families out and about; this reminded me of Spring and Summer in Bellingham. I couldn't help but smile at noticing this similarity between my current location and my previous home. But what made me smile the most was a tandem bicycle. On a front a middle aged father; average looking. Yet if we wanted to rate this mans' appearance, I would say he was an attractive dad on a scale from 1 to sexytime. But the kicker is the kid on the back of the bike; a curly haired boy. This child's hair is so curly and huge that it can hardly be contained by his red helmet. He is missing a front tooth and he has a band-aid on his knee. He yells out, " WhoOoo Whoo!!" as they drive past me, as if he is on a roller coaster ride and up way past his bed time. This is not the "whoo whoo!" of a "whoo girl" who has just consumed a shot of tequila and who currently has no other joy in life but this shot of alcohol. This is the "whoo whoo" of a child overcome with pure and innocent pleasure.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And I like you on the 5th of July

I like you on the 4th of July

Beer in mason jars from the Moose's Tooth

Red potato and blue cheese savory tart

Strawberries; a summer time must

Smoked salmon

Sparkler magic

It's about loving our country and killing it at the same time