Monday, June 14, 2010

When you call my name

This is my friend.
His name was Hoyt.

I walk to work everyday.
When I go on a walk I really enjoy looking at the houses I pass by.
In the Northwest of Washington, this was quite a beautiful activity.
Here in Anchorage,
it has taken me some time to appreciate the aesthetics of the neighborhoods.
But sometimes, I find things that make my heart smile.

Watching softball games remind me of my childhood.
However, I'm pretty sure that when I was a child and I attended my fathers
softball games I wasn't actually watching the games.... Sorry dad.
But I do remember the atmosphere. The sounds and the smells are the same.

I live with Jillian Winter.
We take good care of one another and we make each other laugh until we cry.

Jillian does funny things like play dress up and be cute.
And I like to play dead on top of hundreds of
phone books.

sweet, sweet tourism

Monday, June 7, 2010

summer skin, can be hard to live in

When things break down, everything changes.
Sometimes it's just your day that changes and sometimes it's everything that you know.
The last few weekends I have gone on amazing adventures and had the opportunity to see new and exciting things. This weekend my plan was to stick around Anchorage, get a few things done and explore. Two cars ended up breaking down which obviously lead to changes in my weekend. The first change was that I had to postpone some chores that needed to happen,
this change to my plans didn't leave me super devastated.

The second change was that my hike was also postponed.
Due to these circumstances, I was forced to come up with new activities.
I feel as though I was successful in entertaining myself.
The first part of my day involved a lovely lunch at a little deli called
the Sweet Basil Cafe.

Melanie had a veggie sandwich and carrot-coconut soup, both of which were delicious.
I had an Alaskan Halibut taco with roasted vegetables.
We each had a beer.

Next, I walked to my favorite coffee place in down town,
Kaladi Brothers. The atmosphere there is interesting and not what I'm used to as far as coffee shops go, but I enjoy the coffee and the people there. Most people who go there seem interesting enough. Lots of beautiful tattoo art to look at.

While I was reading, enjoying my coffee and staring at the full sleeves on a man; I noticed the sunshine outside. I'm almost positive that it was calling out to me and saying "come out and play, lets have a bike adventure."

So, my next move was a bike ride on my new bike!
It's not exactly my bike, Katie is letting me borrow hers until I fine one of my own.
Although it isn't mine, Katie said that I was allowed to name it.

Alejandro is his name.

Alejandro and I had fun together,
we listening to Seabear for most of the ride and the Shins for a bit simply for nostalgic purposes.

The whole time I could feel my freckles longing to come out and play.

"Look what you've done, you've punched a hole in the sun."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kenai Fjords

New friends and adventure times.

So many millions of bird friends for Adam Bates.

Friends make me feel magic inside.

Skipping rocks is for friends.

Mom friend being amazing.

New cute friends.

Otter baby friends.

Everything is a baby.