Monday, July 2, 2012

The Museum of Memory and Tolerance

Recently I assisted in organizing a day trip for our high school girls to The Museum of Memory and Tolerance. Throughout this past year a main goal of mine is to give the youth of NPH a small view of the outside world to help them begin to see how many opportunities they have because of this organization. It is true that many of our children have had extremely difficult histories and I do not mean to say that they have an easy life. In all honesty, life at NPH is a difficult one in that a lot is expected of these kids. They are expected to do chores, respect others, go to church and work hard in school. These kids are challenged and given opportunities that they might not have had otherwise and I believe that as teenagers, these are things they should begin to realize and be thankful for.  

This museum mainly focused on various genocides in our worlds history and presently. Through art, artifacts and many multimedia outlets this museum discussed the importance of respecting others through tolerance and learning about new cultures and people with an open mind. Our girls were extremely respectful and seemed very interested in the topics presented. I hope they got as much out of the experience as I did and I am so very thankful we were given this opportunity to see such an amazing museum. This trip was made possible thanks to the generous donation of a very active donor in Arizona and we are so very thankful for her kindness. 

As my dear friend and ex-volunteer Whitney once said, "We all have something to give whether it is our time or our money" I hope that our children of NPH grow up learning the importance of giving. 

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